We were formerly Polysindo Eka Perkasa
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Dope Dyed Black Yarn


Dope Dyed yarns are produced by using Master batches from renowned suppliers. Our dope dyed black yarns are deep black in color with a bluish tone and have good UV resistance.

bullet Black & white stripes and checks
Skirts, jackets and pants.
Narrow width fabrics
Elastic tapes
Blackout curtains

Product Range
DTY: 75/24, 150/48 & 2/150/48 as NIM, SIM & HIM
SDY: 50/24, 75/24, 100/72, 150/48 & 300/96
Bullet For custom made products, please check with us.
bullet Deep Black color with bluish tone  
bullet Uniform shade
bullet Excellent wash fastness and light fastness
bullet Easy care  

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