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Cationic Dyeable Yarn

Modified polyester has special affinity for cationic / basic dyes. Apparels made of these yarns have brilliant shades and color depth similar to that of acrylic textiles. This can be dyed at lower temperatures than regular polyester. With elastanes, it can be dyed at lower temperatures, thus avoiding damage to elastane yarn.

Knitted top and bottom wear
Printed ladies dress
Knitwear with elastanes such as swimsuits, sportswear and inner garmemts
Embroidery and Jacquard type fabrics

Product Range
DTY: 75/24, 150/48 & 2/150/48 with intermingling as required

SDY: 50/24, 75/24 & 150/48

Bullet For custom made products, please check with us.
Deep brilliant shades with cationic dyes
Dark shades with disperse dyes at relatively lower temperatures
Excellent wash fastness
Easy Care.

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