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Silk Touch Yarn

SILKRA is a bi-shrinkage yarn produced by using a special technology in spinning. It is a type of composite yarn, having filaments with varied degree of orientation and shrinkage. Silkra renders itself into making circular knitting and woven fabrics.

Key Features:
Silk look, soft and wet touch.
Peach - like surface
Two - tone and solid tone possibility.
Excellent drape

End Uses:
Fashion fabrics for ladies top and bottom wear.
Ethinic Fabrics for head scarves, abaya, chaddor, thoube and rupush, Kimono tops, sarees and salwar kameez.
  - Warp with size
  - Warp with twist
Circular knitting

Product Range:
50d/48f Semi Dull and Bright
60d/36f Semi Dull and Bright
80d/48f Semi Dull and Bright
80d/48f plus Semi Dull and Bright
130d/72f Semi Dull and Bright
135d/108f Semi Dull and Bright

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