We were formerly Polysindo Eka Perkasa

Asia Pacific Fibers realizes that to truly become a successful business it is not merely necessary to attain financial success, but it is equally important to share its success with the society it is operating within and contribute to the social, economic and environmental welfare of the communities surrounding its business operations. Among the many corporate social initiatives of Asia Pacific Fibers to contribute to the society is the establishment of a foundation 'Yayasan Asia Pacific Fibre' that is responsible to carry out the initiatives envisioned by the company.

Asia Pacific Fibers is committed to improve the livelihood of the communities in the vicinity of its manufacturing plants in Karawang and Semarang. At any point of time with the help of the foundation it has many ongoing social activities in the villages around its two plant locations. Various schemes are employed regularly to upgrade the living standards of the economically challenged people in the villages and aid in form of essential commodities like rice and cooking oil, medicines, vaccines, baby food, etc. is provided.

CSI activities of the company

Local schools up to the secondary level are being run in Karawang and Semarang and scholarships are provided to the deserving students. Asia Pacific Fibers is very proactive in many of the social and religious activities in the region and it always strives to be a responsible corporation contributing to all areas apart from the obvious economic benefits it provides to the towns.

The foundation also carries out humanitarian aid programs to help those who have been victims of natural disasters and tries to provide relief to the victims in their hardships. Recently, during the earthquake in Padang, West Sumatera the foundation provided help to the unfortunate victims in the villages that were struck by the natural calamity. Basic food commodities were provided to the people in the villages and computers were provided to an elementary school in an effort to rebuild it after the natural disaster.