Our Facilities & Technology

Vertical integration, agile innovation and friendly batch processing have been Asia Pacific Fibers' competitive cornerstones.

Today, our polyester production chain starts from the PTA manufacturing plant which feeds the continuous poly-condensation plant and in turn the fiber plant. The polyester chips produced from the poly-condensation plant are converted into filament yarns.

This level of vertical integration underpins Asia Pacific Fibers' position as a highly cost-efficient manufacturer allowing strong profitability at all levels of the upstream, midstream and downstream production chain. This also allows us to control all aspects of the value chain thus eliminating delivery and quality problems of raw material supply.

At the same time, our batch processing capabilities at each stage of production help us customize different aspects of the process and hence, the final product towards what the market and customers really need.

Towards these objectives, we have equipped ourselves with the best machinery from leading providers around the world. A disciplined team of experienced engineers and experts follow stringent operating procedures and a rigorous maintenance program to ensure smooth operations of all the plants.

We operate the following manufacturing plants in Indonesia:

The polymer plant located at Karawang in West Java, Indonesia operates its own PTA plant with an annual capacity of 340,000 MT. along with a continuous poly-condensation plant. at Karawang. The Karawang poly-condensation plant has an annual capacity of 355,000 MT and it feeds directly to the staple fiber manufacturing plant.

The staple fiber plant has an annual capacity of 195,000 MT and it consists of 9 direct spinning lines, 1 extruder line and 8 fiber lines. The extruder and the melt modification lines provide flexibility to customize the end product as per the customer requirements. This integrated manufacturing configuration, of having PTA / Polymer / Fiber in one site, makes the Karawang manufacturing facility unique and provides "economies-of-scale" to manufacture consistent quality products at competitive costs.

The filament yarn manufacturing unit located at Kaliwungu in Central Java, Indonesia operates one of the largest POY plants under one roof. The plant is equipped with Barmag machinery and has annual capacities of producing 100,000 MT of POY, 72,000 MT of Draw Textured Yarn (DTY), 50,000 MT of Spin Draw Yarn (SDY-from its Teijin Seiki plant) and 13,500 MT of ITY (Intermingled yarns). This manufacturing facility is also equipped with an in-house technology for the production of micro-filament and specialty yarns with distinctive features. Its downstream texturizing and co-mingling plants adds value to both the standard and specialty yarns.

With our ability to produce custom-made lots of even high value, low volume products, we remain uniquely positioned to collaborate with innovative & agile customers & partners.