We were formerly Polysindo Eka Perkasa

workers walking out of the factory

People are Asia Pacific Fibers' greatest assets. To maintain the leadership position and underpin sustained growth, Asia Pacific Fiber invests in its people. The management at Asia Pacific Fiber constantly strives to make Asia Pacific Fiber an exciting and rewarding place to work by assuring a good work environment and excellent working conditions. Motivation, dedication, loyalty and team spirit permeate Asia Pacific Fibers' entire work force.

Asia Pacific Fiber promotes the well-being of its employees by rewarding through performance incentive programs and career develpoment programs. A position with Asia Pacific Fiber provides great opportunities for technical and professional advancement based on performance.

The Jaminan Pelayanan Kesehatan (JPK) health care plan for the employees is comparable with the best offered in the Industry. A dedicated safety management team maintains excellent safety standards.

Experts and professionals from around the world complement the Indonesian work force. Asia Pacific Fiber supports the local schools for the children of Indonesian employees. A dedicated school at the Karawang site, affliated to the DPSS (Delhi Public School Society, India, which is a non profit education society promoting education worldwide) offers quality education of CBSE curriculum to the children of expatriates up to senior high school. A housing colony with all amenities is located at the Karawang site for the key employees. Available infra structure includes sports facilities like football, tennis, badminton, softball and volleyball, which also contributes to the shared spirit of Asia Pacific Fiber employees.

Asia Pacific Fibers' training facilities and training programs constantly improve the skills and the productivity of the work force. Adhering strictly to international training standards, the Competency Basic Training (CBT) is applied to all levels of the rank and file in every division of the company.

A well equipped in-house technical training centre - Pusat Pengambangan Sumber Daya Manusia (PPSDM), offers courses to enhance the knowledge and skills of the engineers. PPSDM shapes aspiring managers into skillful leaders and technicians into responsible engineers. The center helps the employees to adapt effectively to changing technology and thus enables Asia Pacific Fiber to maintain its leading edge in the industry.