Our Promise

For us, at Asia Pacific Fibers, committing to your business before ours implies going beyond just selling and negotiating… It is trying to win together, with the customer. It focuses on co-created innovation despite being a polyester supplier in super-commoditized and competitive markets!

We want to re-affirm and accelerate our journey towards being a really agile and innovative polyester player situated in emerging markets, catering to global needs. Being a leading market player, we have all the hardware. Yet, what we value the most is the software of relationships. We’d love to learn, collaborate and win together with you in this journey. If you’re a customer, we would work with you to grow your business. If you’re an investor, our current facility and technology up-gradation could offer you a great opportunity to earn class leading returns together. If you’re a prospective or current employee, we would work together to enrich and prosper together as a high performing team. After all, as a consequence of a strong commitment towards new opportunities, Asia Pacific Fibers has evolved into Indonesia’s most progressive, flexible and fully integrated polyester producer, ranking amongst some of the best in the world. Collaborating and innovating together with our customers for their customers can help to reshape a market which is often ravaged by the forces of commoditization.