Our Services & Support

Delighting our customers is not just about helping co-create great product solutions: for us, at Asia Pacific Fibers, it’s also about providing you bespoke service in such a way that dealing with Asia Pacific Fibers is not just smooth and convenient but is delightful for you.

At the base level, we offer industry leading service standards with high level of predictability on all orders. Yet, we always strive to go beyond. We specialize in providing customized service levels for you. Some of the salient aspects of such customization could be:

Solution Customization

We love helping optimize specifications of our products and settling the required product on your lines confidentially.

Our unique vertical integration allows invaluable collaboration and help in overcoming your technical challenges thus delivering highest quality products and efficiency levels. Our world leading in-house product knowledge, expertise, experience and resources are mobilized in the form of a dedicated team of technical experts to provide intensive technical support for all products to customers globally. Read More

Commercial Customization

We offer to go beyond the usual transactional service of pricing and volumes to help you confront & overcome some of the biggest challenges faced by you. We can help manage relevant inventory for you. We also understand the tremendous currency risk that you sometimes take. We can probably help in that too, apart from timely shipments.

In certain cases, we would love to go beyond towards co-development of both products and brands in a manner that makes you win with your customers powerfully.

Relationship Customization

At the heart of all service rendered, collaborated upon or customized whether in solutions or in commercials, lies a desire to establish a deeply personal yet professionally meaningful relationship with you.

The first pillar of this relationship lies in transparency and specific problem resolution. With end-to-end operational connectivity leading from customers to machines, we remain well-equipped to provide any details pertaining to your orders and the portfolio that you are interested in real time. At the same time, our system is equipped to handle any challenges that you might face [as you sometimes would, given the nature of textile business] in a manner that’s specific to you. Read More