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Specifications for Acetic Acid

The following are the parameters that all the vendors have to comply to for their supply to Asia Pacific Fibers.

Technical Specifications
Appearance * NA Visual Observation Clear liquid
Colour * H. U. Col comparator Lovibond 10 max
Freezing Point * °C Visual/ASTM thermometer 15.6 min
Moisture * % wt. KF Tritator 0.25 max
Non Volatility % wt. Gravimetry 0.005 max
Chloride content as Cl wt ppm Comparison 3 max
Sulphate content as SO4 wt ppm Comparison 5 max
Iron content as Fe * wt ppm AAS 2 max
Acetic Acid % wt. Titrimetry 99.5 min
Formic Acid % wt. Titrimetry 0.15 max
Acetaldehyde % wt. Titrimetry 0.15 max
* parameters marked are the minimum parameters that shall be checked at site for acceptance as standard quality for unloading road tanker receipts.