We were formerly Polysindo Eka Perkasa
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Asia Pacific Fibers plants are equipped with the best machinery from leading providers around the world. A disciplined team of experienced engineers and experts follow stringent operating procedures and a rigorous maintenance program to ensure smooth operations of all the plants.

Vertical Integration at Asia Pacific Fibers allows it to control all aspects of the value chain thus eliminating delivery and quality problems of raw material supply. This also enables it to set the highest standards of quality, resulting in higher yields. This philosophy pervades all of Asia Pacific Fibers' corporate development and has been applied during all stages of our growth.

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Today, Asia Pacific Fibers' polyester production chain starts from its PTA manufacturing plant, which feeds the continuous polycondensation plant and in turn the fibre plant. The polyester chips produced from the poly-condensation plant are converted into polyester filament yarns.

This level of vertical integration underpins Asia Pacific Fibers' position as a highly cost-efficient operator, allowing strong profitability at all levels of the upstream, midstream and downstream production chain. Asia Pacific Fiber has thus assured its competitiveness in a highly competitive industry.